DURAN® Watch Glass Dishes
DWK Life Sciences

The concave shape of the watch glass shell enables working in very small quantities (e. g. pre-tests) as well as covering laboratory glassware with wide openings.
  • Reduced risk of injury due to fused edge.
  • DIN 12 341.
  • With fused edges.
  • Autoclavable.
DURAN® Watch Glass Dishes  DWK Life Sciences
MaterialPUOrder No.in StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
40soda-lime glass105263004-233.00Order
50soda-lime glass105263005-233.00Order
60soda-lime glass1052630061 268.00Order
70soda-lime glass10526300722 284.00Order
80soda-lime glass105263008-296.00Order
90soda-lime glass105263009-314.00Order
100soda-lime glass105263010-345.00Order
120soda-lime glass152630131 71.00Order
125soda-lime glass152630127 53.00Order
150soda-lime glass152630152 65.00Order
200soda-lime glass152630207 69.00Order
250soda-lime glass15263025-124.00Order
40boro 3.3105263424-1,010.00Order
50boro 3.3105263432-1,111.00Order
60boro 3.31052634342 1,204.00Order
80boro 3.31052634411 1,318.00Order
100boro 3.31052634462 1,504.00Order
125boro 3.315263452-164.00Order
150boro 3.3152634576 210.00Order
200boro 3.3152634612 317.00Order
250boro 3.315263466-569.00Order