Schweizer Optik 

Schweizer Optik
Stand Magnifier Sets Tech-Line Vario-Focus

  • Suitable for the use in a factory.
  • High quality, aplanatic silicate glass optics.
  • In the low magnification range, biconvex optics / bifocals.
  • Very scratch-resistant.
  • Silver coating, coated with a special 2-component-coating: resistant to hand perspiration and nearly all solvents / chemicals, very hard and plane surface, scartch-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Environmentally-friendly, energy-saving and extremely long-life high-performance LEDs (light colour approx. 6000 K). For variants not dependent on main power delivery incl. high-quality alkaline-manganese batteries.
Stand magnifier Vario-Focus combined with high-quality duo-scales.
  • 8 x magnification.
  • Delivery in practical aluminium storage box.
  • Basic set incl. standard scale 1.
  • Professional set incl. duo-scales 1 to 5.

  • Fast and easy to use thanks to clever guided installation.
  • Sturdy, scratch-resistant hard-glass disks carry the Tech-Line duo-scales.
  • Applied on the underside of hard-glass discs, the scale made of hard-chrome prevents parallax.
  • Two scales: a common visible macro scale (Ø 25 mm) and a micro scale (Ø 2.5 mm) in the lower part of the disc.
  • Based in a black plastic ring, the scale floates over the object and prevents scratching.
Scale 1:type: standard
Scale 2:type: grid, angle, radius
Scale 3:type: angle
Scale 4:type: grid
Scale 5:type: thickness
Schweizer Optik  Stand Magnifier Sets Tech-Line Vario-Focus
TypeDescriptionPUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
Basic setincl. standard scale 115425650-on demand 
Professional setincl. duo-scales 1 to 515425651-on demand