Portable pH- / Ion- / Oxygen Meter SevenGo Duo - SG23

Dual channel hand meter for measurements of pH, mV, relative mV, ion concentration and dissolved oxygen.
  • Intelligent sensor management (ISM®).
  • Full GxP support: simple, safe operation.
  • 5 point pH calibration with 7 predefined and one user-defined buffer set.
  • Data memory of 500 GLP data sets with date / time, sensors-ID and SN, user- and sample-ID.
  • Wireless IR communication.
  • Large graphical display with backlight.
METTLER TOLEDO  Portable pH- / Ion- / Oxygen Meter SevenGo Duo™ - SG23
TypeDescriptionPUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
SG68-Bincl. 4 x batteries, hand strip, test certificate15425083-18,716.00Order
SG68-ELKas SG68-B plus electrodes InLab® Expert Pro ISM, Inlab® 605 ISM, buffer15425084-26,958.00Order
SG68-FK2as SG68-ELK plus field case, protection cover15425085-28,678.00Order
SG68-FK5as SG68-FK2 but with 5 m cable15425086-29,099.00Order