Laboratory Polarimeter UniPol L Series

Automatic, digital, circular polarimeter.
  • High precision.
  • User friendly operation which permits customised application-oriented measurements.
  • Discontinuous measurement.
  • Displays the optical density of the sample.
  • Automatic multiple measurement with statistical evaluation.
  • Automatic sample ID generation configurable.
  • Measurement of the variation of polarisation due to reaction kinetics, programmable.
  • Calibration possibility for temperature sensors.
  • User defined printout.
  • Remote operation from PC possible.
  • 4 independent methods and up to 10 special scales configurable.
  • Stand alone instrument, printer connection, networking capabilities.
  • With large user programmable display (individually for each of the 4 methods) and powerful software: input of sample identification numbers, statistic evaluations of multiple measurements, user definable printouts.
  • Conforming with the regulations of the European and American Pharmacopoeias as well as to the GLP / GMP standards.
  • Displaying of actual sample temperature and automatic compensation of temperature deviation compared to the standard temperature when polarimetric tubes or quartz control plates with temperature sensor are used.
  • The scale value is displayed corrected to the standard temperature.
  • UniPol L2000: high resolution model, meets requirements of the quality control and research laboratories.

Used for quality control, purity control and determination of concentration of optically active substances in:
  • Food industry (sugar, starch, milk and dairy products, wine, juice, food auxiliary means, amino acids).
  • Pharmaceutical industry (enantiomers, chiral substances like soaps, amino acids, organic substances, glucose, fructose, purity control of codeine, cocaine, nicotines, morphine sulfate, ascorbic acid, menthol, camphor, drug recognition).
  • Medicine (chiral metabolic compounds like sugar and albumin content in the urine, hormones, poison analyses, testosterones, enzymes and toxicology).
  • Chemical research (analysis of optically active substances and structural analyses, inorganic ions in conjunction with optically active substances (e. g. - Bi, - Cd, - Cu, - Fe, - Hg), regulation of materials in solutions, organic substances, turpentineás, Benzene, acids, esters etc.).
Technical Data:
Measuring range:± 360° (4 ranges selectable), ± 259°Z
Measuring units:angle (°, °Z), specif. rotation, concentration(%), user-defined
Temperature measurement:0 to 99 °C
Accuracy of temperature measurement of sample:± 0.1 °C
Interfaces:1 parallel, 1 PS2, 2 serial RS232
Dimensions (W x H x D):650 x 315 x 160 mm
Weight:approx. 11.8 kg
SCHMIDT+HAENSCH  Laboratory Polarimeter UniPol L Series
PUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
UniPol L0.01°, 0.02°Z± 0.01°, ± 0.03°Z589 (opt. 578, 633, 882)15425032-on demand 
UniPol L20000.001°, 0.01°Z± 0.0005°, ± 0.02°Z405 and 58915425033-on demand