Small Universal Polarimeter VISPOL

Visual circle polarimeter.
  • Circular scale of ± 180° divided into full degrees.
  • Together with the Vernier scale rotations can be measured to an accuracy of 0.1° and with a little practice they can be estimated to an accuracy of 0.05°.
  • Alternatively with halogen lamp or spectral lamp, can be exchanged later.
  • Incl. glass tube with bubble trap (100 mm), instruction manual.

Halogen lamp:
  • For instructional purposes and for general measurements.
  • Immediately ready for operation.
  • Halogen lamps produce white light and an interference filter is required to produce the monochromatic light of the desired wavelength. The filter is inserted into the light admission opening the sample channel. In this way measurements can be made at different wavelengths without time-consuming alterations to the apparatus (the halogen lamp does not need to be changed).
  • Transformer for 230 V.

Spectral lamp:
  • For higher absolute accuracy.
  • Spectral lamps emit light of a defined wavelength (line spectrum).
  • In order to block out undesired sidespectra, coloured glass filters should be used.
  • Time of stabilisation with spectral lamp approx. 10 min.
  • To connect spectral lamp lighting units to the mains, a current limiting ballast unit should be used for 230 V / 50 Hz.
Technical Data:
Measuring range:± 180°
Accuracy:± 0.1°
Amplification factor:4 x
Wavelengths:546 or 589 nm
Half-shade angle:λ = 589 nm: approx. 3.5°
λ = 546 nm: approx. 4.5°
Measuring tubes:up to 200 mm length
Gross- / net weight:approx. 18 / 14 kg
SCHMIDT+HAENSCH  Small Universal Polarimeter VISPOL
TypeDescriptionPUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
VISPOL589with halogen lamp and interference filter 589 nm15425031-on demand 
VISPOL546with halogen lamp and interference filter 546 nm15425034-on demand 
VISPOL589with spectral lamp (589 nm), 220 V15425035-on demand 
VISPOL589with spectral lamp (589 nm), 110 V15425036-on demand