Erlab D.F.S.
Captair® Store™ Ministores

For supplying vessels with chemicals which are needed by hand. With filtration system, for supplying products being compatible among each other.

Safety cabinets without filter - please order separately.
Technical Data:
Capacity:48 vessels of 1 l
Inside dimensions (W x D x H):753 x 322 x 519 mm
Type of filter:AS (organic vapours)
BE (organic products and acids)
Noise level:
turbine with gentle ventilation
45 dB
Air flow:75 m3 / h
Air recirculation:9.9 x / min
Voltage / frequency:230 V / 50 Hz
Power input:20 W
Volume collecting tank:2 x 2 l (with absorbing layer)
Material:electro-galvanised steel with acid resistant polyester coating
Safety class:class 1 (earthed cable)
Erlab D.F.S.  Captair® Store™ Ministores
TypeOutside dimensions
(W x D x H)
DescriptionPUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
Ministore 822 A819 x 354 x 730mounting on top of working bench15424860-on demand 
Ministore 822 B819 x 435 x 911mounting with rack on working bench15424861-on demand 
Ministore 822 C819 x 372 x 705mounting at wall15424862-on demand 
Ministore 822 D819 x 354 x 730mounting under working bench15424863-on demand 
Filter columns for Captair Store ministores / Erlab