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TS LabEquip
Minireactors MR-1

Minireactor for synthesis in liquid phase with mechanic stirring unit.

The compact minireactor is suitable for synthesis in the liquid phase with mechanical stirring unit and a volume from 50 to 2000 ml. The temperature for these reactors can be generated via an external device. These reactors can control time and stirring speed, independently. The reactions can take place under vacuum or excess pressure. The stirring speed can be selected between 100 and 700 min-1 in grading of 25 min-1 by another microprocessor. The user can select from different reactor types depending on individual usage purposes. Furthermore, the series carries a RS232 port along with an internal memory convertible into Excel-format and auto tuning function.
TS LabEquip  Minireactors MR-1
PUOrder No.in StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
MR1-505015424839-on demand 
MR1-10010015424840-on demand 
MR1-25025015424841-on demand 
MR1-500-3"500 (3")15424842-on demand 
MR1-500-4"500 (4")15424843-on demand 
MR1-1000100015424844-on demand 
MR1-2000200015424845-on demand 
MR 4 control panel-15424846-on demand