TS LabEquip 

TS LabEquip
Minireactors HME-R

Minireactor for synthesis in liquid phase with mechanic stirring unit and heating.

The compact minireactor is suitable for synthesis in the liquid phase with mechanical stirring unit and a volume from 50 to 2000 ml as well as electric heating. The reactions can take place under vacuum or over pressure. The temperature is variable in the range from ambient + 10 to 250 °C with intervals of 0.5 °C, controlled by a microprocessor with an integrated PT100 sensor. Selectable stirring speed between 100 and 700 min-1 in gradings of 25 min-1 by another microprocessor. The unit consists of an aluminium block for a quick transfer and an even temperature distribution, equipped with punch holes in order to be able of monitoring the reaction. The reactor as well as the stirring unit are mounted to a telescope bar for easy operation during the process and are adjustable. The unit has an automatic safety system in case of overheating. Furthermore, the series carries an RS232 port along with an internal memory convertible into Excel-format and auto tuning function.
TS LabEquip  Minireactors HME-R
PUOrder No.in StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
HME-R/505015424832-on demand 
HME-R/10010015424833-on demand 
HME-R/25025015424834-on demand 
HME-R/500-3"500 (3")15424835-on demand 
HME-R/500-4"500 (4")15424836-on demand 
HME-R/1000100015424837-on demand 
HME-R/2000200015424838-on demand 
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