Accessories for Ultra Centrifugal Mill ZM 200

Push-fit rotor:
Made of st. steel.

Conversion kit:
Incl. 8 teeth push-fit rotor, labyrinth disk, cassette 50 ml.

Vibratory feeder DR 100 drive unit:
For 220 to 240 V / 50 Hz incl. standard feeding kit with push-fit feed chute 40 mm, hopper and clamping fixture.

With passage receptacle and filter holder, collector.
Retsch  Accessories for Ultra Centrifugal Mill ZM 200
DescriptionPUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
Push-fit rotor, 6 teeth15424747-18,219.00Order
Push-fit rotor, 12 teeth15424748-18,219.00Order
Push-fit rotor, 24 teeth15424749-18,219.00Order
Ring sieve, trapezoid holes 0.08 mm15424750-1,746.00Order
Ring sieve, trapezoid holes 0.12 mm15424751-1,746.00Order
Ring sieve, trapezoid holes 0.20 mm15424752-1,746.00Order
Ring sieve, trapezoid holes 0.25 mm15424753-1,746.00Order
Ring sieve, trapezoid holes 0.50 mm15424754-1,746.00Order
Ring sieve, trapezoid holes 0.75 mm15424755-1,746.00Order
Ring sieve, trapezoid holes 1.00 mm15424756-1,746.00Order
Ring sieve, trapezoid holes 1.50 mm15424757-1,746.00Order
Ring sieve, trapezoid holes 2.00 mm15424758-1,746.00Order
Ring sieve, round holes 3.00 mm15424759-1,746.00Order
Ring sieve, round holes 4.00 mm15424760-1,746.00Order
Ring sieve, round holes 5.00 mm15424761-1,746.00Order
Ring sieve, round holes 6.00 mm15424762-1,746.00Order
Conversion kit for grinding small quantities15424763-23,060.00Order
Vibratory feeder DR 100 drive unit15424764-31,596.00Order
Cyclone 5 l15424765-28,283.00Order
Cyclone 3 l15424766-28,283.00Order
Paper filter bags incl. cassette pan with outlet and filter holder15424767-6,727.00Order