Baths for Immersion Thermostats

There is a series of transparent baths made of polycarbonate in order to view the objects being subjected to thermostating and these can be used up to 100 °C. The insulated baths made of st. steel can be used up to 200 °C and are equipped with a drain tap. The outer jacket is made of powder-coated sheet steel.
LAUDA  Baths for Immersion Thermostats
LAUDA  Baths for Immersion ThermostatsLAUDA  Baths for Immersion Thermostats    
TypeMaterialMax. Temp.
max. l
Inside dimension
(W x D x H)
PUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
4st. steel2003.5135 x 240 x 15015423905-3,886.00Order
10st. steel20011300 x 329 x 15015423906-5,530.00Order
15st. steel20016300 x 329 x 20015423907-6,536.00Order
20st. steel20019300 x 505 x 15015423908-7,046.00Order
25st. steel20025300 x 505 x 20015423909-7,874.00Order
40st. steel20040300 x 750 x 20015423910-17,709.00Order
6 TPC1006130 x 420 x 16015423911-3,377.00Order
12 TPC10012300 x 315 x 16015423912-5,033.00Order
15 TPC10015416 x 130 x 31015423913-5,033.00Order
20 TPC10020300 x 490 x 16015423914-6,702.00Order