Laboratory Units in Compact Format

Wherever floor space is limited or under-worktop installation is planned, the laboratory refrigerators with Comfort electronic controllers are the ideal solution. The range comprises 2 free-standing and 2 under-worktop laboratory refrigerators, in each case with glass door and solid door versions. The temperature can be set from 3 to 16 °C. The forced-air cooling system in conjunction with the precision electronic controller ensures temperature consistency and uniform temperature distribution in the interior. The LCv 4010 laboratory fridge-freezer, which has two separately cooling circuits, further extends the range of compact laboratory appliances.

  • Dynamic cooling system.
  • Precision electronic controller with digital temperature display.
  • Glass door (Order No. 5424040 and 5424042) with ceiling light (separately switchable).
  • Convenient, clear view drawers (LCv 4010 freezing part).
  • Self-closing door with integrated lock.
  • Glassdoor, Interior lighting with switchable LED.
Security package:
  • Visual and audible temperature and door alarm.
  • Visual power failure alarm when mains power returns.
  • Integrated data memory with min/max temperatures.
  • Volt-free contact for alarm forwarding to an external remote warning system.
  • RS485 interface enabling external documentation.
  • Access port for an external temperature sensor.
  • Max. temperature stability and consistency acc. to ISO 60068-3.
  • Safety temperature limiter (avoids temperatures below + 2 °C in the event of a fault).
LIEBHERR  Laboratory Units in Compact Format
LIEBHERR  Laboratory Units in Compact FormatLIEBHERR  Laboratory Units in Compact Format    
Temperature range
Inside dimension
(W x D x H)
(W x D x H)
PUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
Laboratory refrigerator LKUv 1610141+ 3 to + 16440 x 435 x 669597 x 615 x 82519015424043-17,059.00Order
Laboratory refrigerator LKUv 1613141+ 3 to + 16440 x 435 x 669597 x 615 x 82519015424042-18,716.00Order
Laboratory refrigerator LKv 3910360+ 3 to + 16440 x 435 x 1635597 x 615 x 184028015424041-23,812.00Order
Laboratory refrigerator LKv 3913360+ 3 to + 16440 x 435 x 1635597 x 615 x 184028015424040-26,614.00Order
Laboratory fridge-freezer LCv 4010freezer 107, fridge 254freezer - 9 to - 30, fridge + 3 to + 16freezer 431 x 435 x 597, fridge 440 x 441 x 1105597 x 615 x 200328015430887-30,436.00Order