DURAN® Laboratory Bottles with DIN Thread
DWK Life Sciences

  • Graduated.
  • Without cap and pouring ring.
  • ISO 4796-1.
  • With Retrace Code and Batch Certificate via Internet.
  • Autoclavable.
  • Borosilicate 3.3 glass.
  • Colours: clear or amber.
DURAN® Laboratory Bottles with DIN Thread  DWK Life Sciences
DURAN® Laboratory Bottles with DIN Thread  DWK Life SciencesDURAN® Laboratory Bottles with DIN Thread  DWK Life Sciences    
Colour of
DescriptionPUOrder No.in Stock  Price/Unit/NOK 
10*253650clearwith lid105433319- 1,177.00Order
25*253674clearwith lid105072003211  916.00Order
50324691clearwith lid105072000134  977.00Order
1004556105clearwith lid105072001373  836.00Order
1504561110clearwith lid1054253813  923.00Order
2504570143clearwith lid105072002484  936.00Order
5004586181clearwith lid105072005305  1,164.00Order
7504595203clearwith lid105425382- 1,491.00Order
100045101230clearwith lid105072010338  1,650.00Order
200045136265clearwith lid10507200761  3,882.00Order
350045160295clearwith lid154253836  1,239.00Order
500045182335clearwith lid1507200821  1,734.00Order
1000045227415clearwith lid15072004- 2,933.00Order
1500045268450clearwith lid15423169- 3,669.00Order
2000045288510clearwith lid15072009- 6,280.00Order
10*253650clearwithout lid105433318- 910.00Order
25*253670clearwithout lid1050720131  678.00Order
50324687clearwithout lid10507202097  678.00Order
1004556100clearwithout lid105072011216  535.00Order
1504561110clearwithout lid1054253841  622.00Order
2504570138clearwithout lid105072012167  642.00Order
5004586176clearwithout lid105072015123  871.00Order
7504595203clearwithout lid154253852  120.00Order
100045101225clearwithout lid150720161476  136.00Order
200045136260clearwithout lid15072017211  358.00Order
350045160295clearwithout lid15425386- 1,232.00Order
500045182330clearwithout lid15072018- 1,728.00Order
1000045227410clearwithout lid15072019- 2,906.00Order
1500045268445clearwithout lid15423168- 3,602.00Order
2000045288505clearwithout lid15072014- 6,213.00Order
10*253650amberwithout lid105433321- 2,447.00Order
25*253670amberwithout lid1507197913  219.00Order
50324687amberwithout lid105071980- 2,183.00Order
1004556100amberwithout lid105071981- 2,476.00Order
1504561110amberwithout lid105425387- 3,213.00Order
2504570138amberwithout lid105071982- 3,617.00Order
5004586176amberwithout lid15071983293  462.00Order
7504595203amberwithout lid15425388- 536.00Order
100045101225amberwithout lid150719841558  596.00Order
200045136260amberwithout lid15071985335  924.00Order
350045160295amberwithout lid15425389- 2,063.00Order
500045182330amberwithout lid15071987- 2,743.00Order
1000045227410amberwithout lid15423163- 4,138.00Order
1500045268445amberwithout lid15423164- 4,674.00Order
2000045288505amberwithout lid15423165- 7,352.00Order
* Pouring ring not necessary.
For caps please see Order No. 5209125 to 5209135.
For pourings rings please see Order No. 5209081 to 5209083 or 5209086 to 5209088.
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