Mandatory Signs Acc. to ASR A 1.3 and Others

For indoor and limited outdoor use. Self-adhesive foil, temperature resistant from - 40 to + 80 °C, resistant against many chemicals, permanently adhesive. Blue / white.
Kroschke  Mandatory Signs Acc. to ASR A 1.3 and Others
PUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
Use eye protection5015424070-on demand 
Use eye protection10015424071-on demand 
Use eye protection20015424072-on demand 
Use respiratory protection10015424073-on demand 
Use respiratory protection20015424074-on demand 
Use ear protection10015424076-on demand 
Use ear protection20015424077-on demand 
Use protective helmet20015424079-on demand 
Use hand guard5015424080-on demand 
Use hand guard10015424081-on demand 
Use hand guard20015424082-on demand 
Use foot guard10015424083-on demand 
Use foot guard20015424084-on demand 
Use protective clothing10015424085-on demand 
Use protective clothing20015424086-on demand 
Use face protection10015424087-on demand 
Use face protection20015424088-on demand 
Smoking permitted20015424089-on demand 
Use protective hood10015424090-on demand 
Use protective hood20015424091-on demand 
Use light respiratory protection10015424092-on demand 
Use light respiratory protection20015424093-on demand 
Wash your hands20015424094-on demand