Falcon™ Sterile Pipettes

Sterile pipettes for cell culture, certified as non-pyrogenic acc. to FDA-guidelines. Certificate is available per charge. Sterile, free of pyrogen, printed graduation with antidromic second scale. With cotton plug, mininal meniscus formation and fast process. Identification via colour coding.
Falcon™ Sterile Pipettes  Corning®
DescriptionPUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
11 / 100 ml, yellow1000FALC357506-2,885.00Order
21 / 100 ml, green1000FALC357508-3,154.00Order
5eco bag 1 / 10 ml, blue500FALC3575291 2,496.00Order
10eco bag 1 / 10 ml, 25 per sterile bag, red500FALC3575302 2,626.00Order
25eco bag 1 / 4 ml, violet200FALC3575151 1,913.00Order