Falcon™ Cell Culture Inserts

Individual cell culture inserts, highest transparency due to special membrane material (PET). Very good cell growth properties by means of special surface treatment. Can be used flexibly due to different sizes of pores and areas of growth, suited for detection methods such as electron microscopy and immunofluorescence, sterile.
Falcon™ Cell Culture Inserts  Corning®
Falcon™ Cell Culture Inserts  Corning®Falcon™ Cell Culture Inserts  Corning®    
DescriptionForPUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
0.4 μm transparent6-well plates48FALC3530901 4,966.00Order
0.4 μm translucent6-well plates48FALC3534931 4,966.00Order
0.4 μm transparent12-well plates48FALC3531802 4,295.00Order
0.4 μm translucent12-well plates48FALC353494-4,295.00Order
0.4 μm transparent24-well plates48FALC3530951 4,295.00Order
0.4 μm translucent24-well plates48FALC3534951 4,295.00Order
1.0 μm transparent6-well plates48FALC3531021 3,788.00Order
1.0 μm transparent12-well plates48FALC3531031 3,541.00Order
1.0 μm transparent24-well plates48FALC353104-2,926.00Order
3.0 μm transparent6-well plates48FALC353091-4,966.00Order
3.0 μm translucent6-well plates48FALC3530922 3,880.00Order
3.0 μm transparent12-well plates48FALC353181-4,295.00Order
3.0 μm translucent12-well plates48FALC3532921 4,295.00Order
3.0 μm transparent24-well plates48FALC353096-4,295.00Order
3.0 μm translucent24-well plates48FALC3534921 4,295.00Order
8.0 μm transparent6-well plates48FALC3530932 5,181.00Order
8.0 μm transparent12-well plates48FALC3531821 3,602.00Order
8.0 μm transparent24-well plates48FALC353097-4,631.00Order