Tubing Accessories for Thermostats STANDARD / ARCTIC Series
Thermo Scientific

DescriptionSpecificationPUOrder No.in StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
Perbunan tubing8 mm Ø, for - 40 to + 100 °C15422996-476.00Order
Perbunan tubing12 mm Ø, for - 40 to + 100 °C15422997-709.00Order
PVC tubing8 mm Ø, for use with water only15422998-on demand 
PVC tubing12 mm Ø, for use with water only15422999-on demand 
Silicone tubing8 mm Ø, for - 30 to + 200 °C, not for silicone oil15423000-990.00Order
Silicone tubing12 mm Ø, for - 30 to + 200 °C, not for silicone oil15423001-1,366.00Order
Viton tubing8 mm Ø, for - 60 to + 200 °C15423002-799.00Order
Viton tubing12 mm Ø, for - 60 to + 200 °C15423003-1,111.00Order
Tubing clampfor 8 mm tubings, metal15423004-on demand 
Tubing clampfor tubings 12 mm inner Ø, metal15424954-on demand 
Tubing clampfor 12 mm tubings, plastic15423005-on demand 
Tubing clampfor 8 mm tubings, plastic15423006-on demand 
Coupling nutM 16 x 1, stainless steel15423007-on demand 
Closing platestainless steel15423008-on demand 
Tubing fittingfor 8 mm tubings, stainless steel15423009-on demand 
Tubing fittingfor 12 mm tubings, stainless steel15423010-on demand 
Pt100 sensor TT, st. steel150 mm, Ø 3mm, cable 3 m15424957-6,414.00Order
Pt100 sensor ST, st. steel27 mm, Ø 3mm, with thread M 10 x 1, cable 3 m15424958-on demand 
Pt100 sensor HT, st. steel100 mm, Ø 3 mm, cable 3 m, for T-piece 001-176615424959-on demand 
Pt100 sensor, Teflon coatedflexible, 300 mm, Ø 3 mm, cable 3 m15424960-15,881.00Order
T-piecefor metal tubings, Pt100 sensor, M 16 x 115423011-on demand 
T-piecefor 8 mm tubings15423016-1,522.00Order
T-piecefor 12 mm tubings15423018-on demand 
Connection couplingM 16 x 1 - M 16 x 1 for insulated stainless steel tubing15423012-on demand 
Universal hose nozzlefor 3 to 6 mm Ø tubing15423013-on demand 
CouplingR 3/8" to M 16 x 115423015-1,435.00Order
Tubing pinch cock 15423017-on demand