Hellma® Analytics

For photometry and spectrophotometry.
Height:45 mm (with stopper 46 mm)
Width:12.5 mm
Inside-width:9.5 mm
Volume:3500 µl
Light path:10 mm
Macro-Cells  Hellma® Analytics
Macro-Cells  Hellma® AnalyticsMacro-Cells  Hellma® AnalyticsMacro-Cells  Hellma® Analytics   
PUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
6030-OGoptical glass360 to 2500154326874 396.00Order
100-OSspecial optical glass, PTFE lid320 to 250015144110-563.00Order
100-QSquartz SUPRASIL®, PTFE lid200 to 25001514421052 983.00Order
110-OSspecial optical glass, PTFE stopper320 to 250015432680-1,058.00Order
110-QSquartz SUPRASIL®, PTFE stopper200 to 250015432660-1,540.00Order
117.100-QS*quartz SUPRASIL®, screw cap with silicone seal200 to 250015432661-2,612.00Order
* Height: 56 mm.
Other light path and materials are available.