Accessories for FoodALYT IR Infrared Rapid Digestion Units

TypeDescriptionPUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
F-ESG 600 insertable framefor 6 reaction vessels of 250 ml1F4700029-on demand 
F-ESG 1200 insertable framefor 12 reaction vessels of 250 ml1F4700030-on demand 
F-AR 600 fume removal unitfor IR 6001F4700031-on demand 
F-AR 1200 fume removal unitfor IR 12001F4700032-on demand 
Fume removal unitfor IR 4 x 400 / 800 ml1F4750400-on demand 
F-GF 250 digestion tube250 ml1470001911 408.00Order
F-GF 800 digestion tube800 ml1F4700020-on demand 
KJELTABS catalyst tablets, type CX5.0 g K2SO4 and 0.5 g CuSO4100040101922 on demand 
KJELTABS catalyst tablets, type CT5.0 g K2SO4, 0.15 g CuSO4 and 0.15 g TiO2100040101933 on demand 
Insertable frame4 samples, 500 ml1F4750008-on demand 
Insertable frame4 samples, 800 ml1F4750009-on demand 
KJELTABS catalyst tablets (equate to type CT)with 2.83 % CuSO4, 41.17 % K2SO4 and 2.83 % TiO21PAN 173349.1214-on demand