Eye Wash Bottles

  • With ergonomic eye bowl.
  • Simple and quick application.
  • Time of permanency up to 3 years.
  • No maintenance.
  • Acc. to DIN EN 15154-4.
With sodium chloride solution:
Eye washing with foreign particles. Sterile sodium chloride solution (0.9 %), conforming to the natural salinity of the eye. To wash out dust, dirt, splinters etc. Also available as DUO bottle for rinsing both eyes simultaneously. 500 ml bottle and 1000 ml DUO bottle are suitable for refilling the eye wash stations resp. DUO eye wash stations and for individual usage.
  • Washing time approx. 5 min (500 ml and 1000 ml DUO).
  • Washing time approx. 2 min (200 ml).

With phosphate buffer solution:
Eye washing with chemicals. Sterile phosphate buffer solution (4.9 %) for a quick neutralisation of acids and alkali. Also available as DUO bottle for rinsing both eyes simultaneously. For mobile application and for refilling of the eye wash emergency stations resp. DUO emergency stations.
  • Washing time approx. 2 min.
Eye Wash Bottles  PLUM
PUOrder No.in StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
Bottle with sodium chloride solution200154234726 on demand 
Bottle with sodium chloride solution5001542272210 177.00Order
Bottle DUO with sodium chloride solution, washing of both eyes100015425996-348.00Order
Bottle with phosphate buffer solution200154227231 163.00Order
Bottle DUO with phosphate buffer solution, washing of both eyes50015425997-319.00Order
Belt pouch for 200 ml eye wash bottles 15423473-on demand