Safety Shower Testing Carriage

With the safety shower test cart you could keep the monthly required functional test simple and easy. Carriage can be demounted into 3 parts. For testing, carriage is positioned under the shower. The collection vessel comprises approx. 30 l, draining e. g. through a floor gully with a drain screw.
  • Height of arranged testing carriage: 2.10 m.
  • Mobile collecting tray with 4 wheels, made of red plastic.
  • 2 integrated recessed grips in the vessel.
  • Funnel made of black plastic, 44 cm Ø, 16 cm height.
  • Tubing made of aluminium, 47 mm, pluggable.
Technical Data:
Collecting / overall height:2100 mm
Weight:7 kg
Capacity:30 l
Safety Shower Testing Carriage  B-SAFETY
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