Multi-Well Holder and Inserts

Simultaneous operation of either 1 or 2 inserts* for flasks. Inserts are available for 10, 25, 50, 100 or 150 ml flasks.
Multi-Well Holder and Inserts  Heidolph
Multi-Well Holder and Inserts  HeidolphMulti-Well Holder and Inserts  Heidolph    
DescriptionSpecificationPUOrder Stock Price/Unit/NOK 
Multi-Well holder 15422556-4,955.00Order
Insert for Multi-Well10 ml15422557-1,540.00Order
Insert for Multi-Well25 ml15422558-1,540.00Order
Insert for Multi-Well50 ml15422559-1,540.00Order
Insert for Multi-Well100 ml15422560-1,902.00Order
Insert for Multi-Well150 ml15422561-2,665.00Order
Package Heat-On Multi-Well Basic1x holder, 3 x inserts f. 25, 50, 100 ml flasks15422548-9,655.00Order
Package Heat-On Multi-Well1x holder, 6 x inserts f. 2 x 25, 50, 100 ml flasks each15422549-14,502.00Order
* Only accepts one 150 ml insert.
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