Analogue and Digital I/O-Modules VACUU·BUS®

Input- / Output-modules are interface-modules for signal transmission. Incl. 2 m extension cable VACUU·BUS®.

Analogue I/O-module:
Recording output. For connection of the controller CVC 3000 to an analogue recorder. Alternatively, pressure or speed can be recorded. A 0 to 10 V signal acc. to industry standard results as output. External analogue signals can be used for vacuum-control.

Digital I/O-module:
Alert module. For remote control of failure-free operation of the pump which is outside the range of vision. Can alternatively be used for an improved plant safety. The pump receives a signal to switch off the unit when it is disturbed. Additionally the I/O-module can be configured with the VACUU·SELECT controller to operate non-bus-compatible valves of other producers.
Analogue and Digital I/O-Modules VACUU·BUS®  VACUUBRAND
TypeDescriptionPUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
Analog I/O interface module 0-10V VACUU·BUS®recording output15422061-3,080.00Order
Digital I/O-module VACUU·BUS®alert module15422062-2,906.00Order