Magnetic Stirrers lab disc

Ultra-flat magnetic stirrer.
  • Reverses the direction of rotation automatically (switchable) every 30 s to ensure better mixing.
  • High IP protection class (IP 65).
  • Advanced magnetic coil technology with no moving parts makes the lab disc drive completely wear-free.
  • Set-up plate and casing made from chemically resistant materials.
  • Slip-proof, safe stand.
  • Supplied without accessories.
Technical Data:
Stirring quantity (H2O):800 ml
Power input / output:5 / 3 W
Speed range:15 to 1500 min-1
Reversion of rotation direction (switchable):can be activated every 30 s
Max. length of magnetic bar:25 mm
Working field:polyester, Ø 100 mm
Dimensions (W x D x H):117 x 180 x 12 mm
Weight:0.3 kg
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Magnetic stirring bars cylindrical / Brand, Wertheim