Volumentric Flasks for Dispenser

BLAUBRAND®, DE-M marking, class A, Boro 3.3, DIN EN ISO 1042. Calibrated to contain (TC, In). Incl. DAkkS-certificate. The volumetric flask with 3 marks is used to check the functioning of a dispenser (middle mark = nominal volume, upper and lower marks = error limits). With PP stopper and draining part.
Volumentric Flasks for Dispenser  BRAND
Upper / lower
± ml
Neck inner Ø
PUOrder No.in StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
100.0707 ± 115421966-1,368.00Order
250.1759 ± 115421967-1,384.00Order
500.35011 ± 115421968-1,425.00Order
1000.70013 ± 115421969-1,499.00Order
The DAkkS-calibrated volumetric flask does not replace the gravimetric test of the monitoring of measuring instruments according to ISO 8655.
Further sizes are available on request.