SafetyWasteCaps with or without Tube Connection

For safe disposal of liquid waste.

SafetyWasteCaps have a connection for an exhaust filter. The exhaust filter absorbs 99 % of all volatile substances that can evaporate from the containers during solvent disposal. For optimum protection of health and environment. SafetyWasteCaps are manufactured of pure PTFE and PEHD, ensuring max. chemical resistance against organic solvents and other aggressive chemicals.
  • Fittings for connections are included in delivery.
  • Please order the exhaust filter separately.
SafetyWasteCaps with or without Tube Connection  S.C.A.T
ThreadCapillary connection
2.3 / 3.2 mm outer Ø
Hose connection
6.4 to 9.0 mm inner Ø
PUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
S 40211323107109-on demand 
S 403-1323107108-on demand 
S 51211323107922-on demand 
S 553-1323107917-on demand 
S 55211323107924-on demand 
S 60 / 613-1323307918-2,021.00Order
S 60 / 61211323307925-2,058.00Order
S 60 / 61331323307500-on demand 
B 83411323107034-on demand 
Further thread sizes and configurations are available on request.
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