Microcentrifuge Tubes

PP. Bulk packed in bag.
  • Uniform lid thickness ensures trouble-free piercing.
  • Consistent wall thickness.
  • Tight fitting attached lid provides leak-free seal, yet reopens easily.
  • High clarity.
  • Autoclavable at 121 °C (2 bar), acc. to DIN EN 285.
  • Frosted marking area, subdivisions for approx. volume determination.
  • BIO-CERT® products are sterile, free from endotoxins, DNA, RNase and ATP.
  • Transparent microcentrifuge tubes with safety lid are RNase- and endotoxin-free.
  • Amber-coloured reaction tubes are particularly suitable for the storage of light-sensitive reagents.
Microcentrifuge Tubes  BRAND
Microcentrifuge Tubes  BRANDMicrocentrifuge Tubes  BRAND    
ColourPUOrder No.in StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
BIO-CERT® with lid, sterile*1.520000**colourless4505421685-1,257.00Order
With lid*1.520000**colourless5005421686-164.00Order
With lid*1.520000**colourless30005421687-932.00Order
Without lid*1.56000**colourless20005421688-749.00Order
With lid*2.020000**colourless5005421689109 382.00Order
With lid0.510000**colourless10005423631-576.00Order
With lid*1.520000**yellow5005423632-196.00Order
With lid*1.520000**blue5005423633-196.00Order
With lid*1.520000**green5005423634-196.00Order
With lid1.520000**orange5005423635-196.00Order
With lid1.520000**amber5005423636-196.00Order
With lid closure0.530000***colourless5005442462-304.00Order
With lid closure1.530000***colourless10005430103-529.00Order
With lid closure2.020000***colourless5006008188-320.00Order
* Without frosted marking area and subdivisions.
** At 20 °C, te 20 min.
*** At - 5 °C, te 20 min.