Safe 2020 Biological Safety Cabinets
Thermo Scientific

Safe 2020 class II biological safety cabinets deliver a very high standard of safety and operate user-friendly. They may be used wherever protection is of paramount importance in safety levels 1 to 3, incl. research, pharmaceutical quality control labs, pharmacies and clinics / hospitals.
  • H14 HEPA-filter: maximum filtration efficiency of 99.995 % at the most penetrating particle size (MPPS).
  • Prevention of contamination.
  • Motorised front window (aerosol-tight).
  • Working aperture 200 mm.
  • With SmartFlow™: uses digital technology to maintain constant airflow during normal filter loading or temporary airflow obstruction from foreign objects.
  • Pressure sensor monitoring ensures safe airflow across the entire work surface.
  • Independent alarm systems.
  • Easy to read display, parameters: performance factor 'PER', downflow air velocity, cabinet malfunctions, time of day, operating time of optional UV-C lights, total operating hours, timer for delayed start, top-watch function.
  • Height-adjustable stand: working positions within a range of 750 to 950 mm in 50 mm steps or electrically infinite (optional).
  • Foot rest (optional).
  • Armrests secure comfortable working in the interior part and prevent carpal-tunnel syndrome.
  • The transparent side glass windows maximise light and visibility inside the cabinet.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Efficient disinfection: powerful cross beam UV-irradiation in both side walls (optional) illuminates the entire working area.
Technical Data:
Max. load capacity of single segmented worksurface per 30 cm segments:
25 kg
Max. load capacity of one-piece work surface:50 kg
Voltage:230 V
Protection class:I / IP 20
Safe 2020 Biological Safety Cabinets  Thermo Scientific
(H x W x D)
(H x W x D)
Exhaust / inflow
air volume
m3 / h
Heat emission
at 25 °C
W / h
PUOrder Stock Price/Unit/NOK 
1586 x 1000 x 800780 x 900 x 46517028816015421305- 142,550.00Order
1586 x 1300 x 800780 x 1200 x 46520038620015421306- 147,732.00Order
1586 x 1600 x 800780 x 1500 x 46523048326515421307- 186,483.00Order
1586 x 1900 x 800780 x 1800 x 46528058034015421308- 191,960.00Order
Further accessories are available on request.
Repair & maintenance of laboratory equipment / OMNILAB
Repair & maintenance of laboratory equipment / OMNILAB