Gas Cylinder Cabinets, Single Walled

For safe installation of gas cylinders in outside areas.
  • High-quality sheet-steel construction with completely galvanised and powder coated surface for high protection against corrosion, light grey.
  • Sloped roof to the front avoids water runoff and spoiling of walls.
  • High-value stainless steel base for optimum protection against mechanical damage.
  • Adjusting aids for easy levelling.
  • Lead through possibilities on the ceiling.
  • Optional with fixed windows.

Items supplied:
Mounting rails, cylinder retainer (fold-away ramp optional).
Gas Cylinder Cabinets, Single Walled  asecos
DescriptionForOutside dimensions
(W x D x H)
PUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
Single walled gas cylinder cabinet2 x 50 l bottles700 x 400 x 21508515421097-17,649.00Order
Single walled gas cylinder cabinet3 x 50 l bottles1000 x 400 x 215011315421098-20,956.00Order
Single walled gas cylinder cabinet5 x 50 l bottles1350 x 400 x 215013815421099-23,058.00Order
Fold away rampcabinet 2 x 50 l bottles--15421100-1,741.00Order
Fold away rampcabinet 3 x 50 l bottles--15421101-1,795.00Order
Fold away rampcabinet 5 x 50 l bottles--15421102-1,942.00Order
Supplied without cylinders and gas fittings.
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