Accessories for Cubis® Laboratory Balances

DescriptionSpecificationPUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
Data printer, suitable for use in legal metrologyfor RS232, 25 pin port on accessory equipment15420882-9,079.00Order
Data printer, suitable for use in legal metrology*for Bluetooth® data transfer with suitable interface15420883-on demand 
Adhesive labels on standard paperfor Bluetooth® printer, continuous roll of 20 m x 57 mm15420885-333.00Order
Printer paperfor RS232 printer, 5 pcs of 50 m55902635-290.00Order
Ink ribbon cartridgefor RS232 and Bluetooth® printers15902637-333.00Order
RS232C interface cablefor PC use with a 9 pin COM port, 1.5 m15420888-1,929.00Order
Hand switchfor print, tare or function key, incl. T-connector15420890-3,268.00Order
Foot switchfor print, tare or function key, incl. T-connector15420891-3,817.00Order
Foot switchfor OPEN / CLOSE functions w. motorised draft shields a. taring15420892-6,896.00Order
Density determination kitfor liquids / solids, for weighing modules of < 1 mg15420893-12,266.00Order
RS232C data interface25 pin for Cubis® accessories15420895-2,357.00Order
Bluetooth® interface modulefor Bluetooth® data printer15420896-2,357.00Order
RS232C data interface9 pin, incl. 'PS/2' port for PC or keyboard15420897-2,357.00Order
Anti-static weighing panfor weighing modules of 0.1 mg / 0.01 mg, Ø 130 mm15420898-2,571.00Order
Display holderfor 10 / 100 mg precision weighing modules, for raising15420900-4,593.00Order
3-segment checkweighing displayred-green-red, for checkweighing, incl. T-connector15420903-on demand 
Remote displayLCD, 13 mm digits, backlit15420887-3,817.00Order
Infrared sensorfor touch-free activation of functions15420889-1,915.00Order
Bar code scannerwith connecting cable, 120 mm scanning width15420894-on demand 
* Bluetooth® data interface is required.