Pocket pH Meters 3310

Professional water proof pH / mV meter with backlit graphic display and menu control. With CMC function for monitoring of the correct measuring range. Additionally suited for automated data logging in the field. Interval controlled logger-function for up to 5000 records. Waterproof Mini-USB interface. Special sleep mode saves power when performing long term monitoring. With one battery set up to 1000 h continuous operation without and up to 150 h with illumination possible.

Items supplied in set:
Pocket pH meter 3310 with pH-sensor SenTix®, buffer STP 4 and STP 7, stand, beaker, short instruction manual, CD-ROM, batteries, driver software for USB, cable in field case.
Technical Data:
Measuring ranges / resolution:
pH:- 2.000 to + 19.999
mV:± 1200.0
± 2500
Temperature:- 5.0 to + 105.0 °C
pH:± 0.005
mV:± 1
Temperature:± 0.1 °C
AutoRead:automatic / manual
Pocket pH Meters 3310  WTW
Pocket pH Meters 3310  WTWPocket pH Meters 3310  WTW    
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pH 3310 in case without electrode and accessories-154204831 8,463.00Order
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