Stirred Reactors GLS 80®

For use with DURAN® GLS 80® 1000 or 2000 ml bottles. Stirred reactor is ideal for the widest possible range of mixing processes in laboratories, e. g. mixing liquids, dissolving solids or for simple fermentation processes. Extra ports (2 x G18, 2 x GL 14) allow connection to additional media bottles or to fit sterile pressure release syringe filter.
  • Drive using standard magnetic stirrers.
  • Stirrer element exchangeable (option of anchor or paddle stirrer).
  • Can be used up to 500 min-1.
  • Completely autoclavable.
  • Temperature resistant up to 140 °C.
  • Materials used: PP, PTFE, PEEK, stainless steel.
  • Parts in contact with media conform fully to FDA requirements.

Items supplied:
Stirring reactors:

Complete set 1000 or 2000 ml GLS 80 bottle, GL 14 screw cap (PP, blue), 2 x GL 14 screw cap (PBT, red), 2 x GL 18 screw cap (PBT, red) and anchor stirrer.

Stirred reactor cap:
Shaft, connection, screw cap and stirrer anchor type.
Stirred Reactors GLS 80®  DURAN®
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Complete set with 1000 ml bottle15420700-3,669.00Order
Complete set with 2000 ml bottle15420701-3,803.00Order
Stirred reactor cap with stirrer anchor type15423176-3,335.00Order
For further wide-mouth bottles please see Order No. 5284511 / 5284517 (1000 ml) and 5284512 / 54284518 (2000 ml).
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