Microplates BRANDplates®, inertGrade™

PS, sterile. Individually wrapped, with lid.
For cultivation of suspension cell lines. Especially suited for cell cultures, when adhesion is not desired. Optimised surface characteristics reduce cell adhesion and protein adsorption. Inhibits early differentiation of stem cells. Clearly distinguishable through the colour code: orange, embossed alphanumeric coding for 96-well standard plates. Free from endotoxins, DNase, DNA, RNase, non-cytotoxic. Sterilised with ethylene oxide.
Microplates BRANDplates®, inertGrade™  BRAND
DescriptionColourWell shapeWell volumePUOrder No.in Stock Price/Unit/NOK 
96-well, standardtransparentU-bottom330 μl405420177- 5,451.00Order
96-well, standardtransparentF-bottom350 μl405420178- 5,451.00Order
96-well, standardwhiteF-bottom350 μl405420180- on demand 
96-well, standardwhiteC-bottom350 μl405420181- on demand 
96-well, standardblackU-bottom330 μl405420182- on demand 
96-well, standardblackF-bottom350 μl405420183- on demand 
96-well, standardblackC-bottom350 μl405420184- on demand 
96-well, transparent bottomblackF-bottom330 μl405420185- 11,434.00Order
96-well, transparent bottomwhiteF-bottom330 μl405420186- 11,434.00Order
96-well, transparent bottomwhiteF-bottom330 μl55436679- 1,474.00Order
96-well, transparent bottomblackF-bottom330 μl55436680- 1,474.00Order