Bottle Top Burettes Titrette® class A precision / Titrette® SH

Quick and reliable titration with high precision, even in close quarters, with no power hookup needed - in the lab, in production, or in the field. The Titrette® bottle-top burette meets the error limits of class A glass burettes per DIN EN ISO 385. If needed it can display 3 decimal places for volumes below 20 ml.
  • Smooth-running operation and large, easy-grip hand wheels for sensitive, drop-wise titration.
  • To change between filling and titration, no switching needed. By the direction of hand wheel rotation the instrument automatically detects filling or titrating.
  • High stability due to compact design and light weight.
  • Easy to dismantle for cleaning, maintenance and part replacement in the lab.
  • Additional electronic functions: adjustment with Easy Calibration, calibration schedule to save a date for the next calibration, save power with Auto-Power-Off, change decimal place settings.
  • PC interface (optional) for a data transmission directly to the PC.
  • Titrette® SH to determinate the acid content of milk and liquid dairy acc. to Soxhlet-Henkel (4 °SH = 1 ml).

Items supplied:
Titrette® bottle-top burette, DE-M marking, performance certificate, telescoping filling tube (170 to 330 mm), recirculation tube, 2 batteries (AAA / UM4 / LR03), 3 PP bottle adapters (GL 45 / 32, GL 45 / S 40, GL 32 / NS 29 / 32), 2 coloured light shield inspection windows, operating manual.

Limitations of use:
Chlorinated and fluorinated hydrocarbons or chemical combinations which form deposits may make the piston difficult to move or may cause jamming. Compatibility of the instrument for a special application (e. g. trace material analysis) must be checked by the user. For additional information, please contact OMNILAB. The instrument is not autoclavable.
Technical Data:
Temperature:15 to 40 °C of instrument and reagent
Vapour pressure:up to 500 mbar
Viscosity:up to 500 mm2 / s
Altitude:max. 3000 m above sea level
Relative humidity:20 to 90 %
Bottle Top Burettes Titrette® class A precision / Titrette® SH  BRAND
DescriptionAccuracyPUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
Titrette® SH25Soxhlet-Henkel18 μl15423583-9,687.00Order
Titrette® class A precision10without RS232 interface18 μl15433517-9,687.00Order
Titrette® class A precision25without RS232 interface30 μl154200002 9,687.00Order
Titrette® class A precision50without RS232 interface10 μl154200011 9,687.00Order
Titrette® class A precision10*with RS232 interface18 μl15433516-12,444.00Order
Titrette® class A precision25*with RS232 interface30 μl15420002-12,444.00Order
Titrette® class A precision50*with RS232 interface18 μl15420003-12,444.00Order
* Additionally supplied: 2 m connector cable (Sub-D plug connector, 9-pin), one CD (driver software, open RS232 communication protocol) with an example application in XLS-file format, as well as a special operating manual.