Thermo Shakers

The thermo shaker basic and pro are high-quality, compact desktop devices with very fast heating and cooling speed. With these devices all work-related steps can easily be carried out fast and user-friendly. It offers users a variety of possible variations.
  • Constant and reliable operation by advanced microprocessor control.
  • 2-line plain text display in the blue backlit LCD display.
  • Simultaneous display of set and actual values.
  • About the Keypad all parameters can be arbitrary and relatively simple set.
  • 13 interchangeable blocks are available for various applications and areas available.
  • The temperature and shaking mode can be controlled separately and off individual; thus both units can be used as a shaker or block thermostat.
  • Programming: 5 individually adjustable programme segments (thermo shaker pro with additional ramp control).
Technical Data:
Temperature accuracy:< ± 0.3 °C
Timer function:1 min to 99 h 59 min
Block temperature homogeneity:< ± 0.5 °C
Mixing speed:200 to 1500 min-1
Mixing orbit:2 mm
Heating speed:at 20 to 100 °C: approx. 12 min (thermo shaker basic)
at 4 to 100 °C: approx. 15 min (thermo shaker pro)
Cooling speed:at 100 to 20 °C: approx. 15 min (thermo shaker pro)
Thermo Shakers  CellMedia
TypeDescriptionTemperature range
PUOrder No.in StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
Thermo shaker basicwithout cooling functionRT + 5 to + 1008.015917220-18,613.00Order
Thermo shaker prowith cooling functionRT - 20 to + 1008.515436522-26,513.00Order
Reaction exchange blocks for thermo shakers / CellMedia