Ultrasonic Baths Elmasonic S Line

Available in 10 different sizes 0.8 to 28 l.
  • Electronic timer till 30 min and continuous: precise time adjustment for reliable and repeatable process times. Optimised process control by: display of pre-selected operation time (fix LED) and remaining runtime (blinking LED).
  • Electronic temperature selection: precise temperature adjustment for reliable and repeatable process conditions. Optimised process control by: display of pre-selected temperature (fix LED) and actual temperature (blinking LED).
  • Dry run proof ceramic heating: to deliver the most robust tool for the daily usage.
Start / Autostart - option:
  • Start: Start operation of unit at any time.
  • Autostart: Start operation only after pre-selected temperature is reached.
Degas mode / Autodegas - option:
  • Degas: degassing of liquids prior to analysing. Autodegas: start operation after degassing tank, for optimised even ultrasound.

Normal mode:
  • Creates optimised water movement for lab work e. g. solving, mixing etc.

Sweep mode:
  • Better and faster cleaning due to homogenous distribution of ultrasound.
  • Frequency: 37 kHz.
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Ultrasonic Baths Elmasonic S Line  Elma
Ultrasonic Baths Elmasonic S Line  ElmaUltrasonic Baths Elmasonic S Line  Elma    
TypeHeatingDrainInside dimension
(W x D x H)
PUOrder No.in StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
S 10*--190 x 85 x 600.8158764741 3,750.00Order
S 10 H*yes-190 x 85 x 600.815876306-4,553.00Order
S 15--151 x 137 x 1001.7515876307-6,695.00Order
S 15 Hyes-151 x 137 x 1001.7515876308-7,901.00Order
S 30-yes240 x 137 x 1002.7515876309-7,566.00Order
S 30 Hyesyes240 x 137 x 1002.7515876345-8,369.00Order
S 40-yes240 x 137 x 1504.2515876310-10,846.00Order
S 40 Hyesyes240 x 137 x 1504.2515876311-12,520.00Order
S 60-yes300 x 151 x 1505.7515876312-12,520.00Order
S 60 Hyesyes300 x 151 x 1505.7515876313-14,729.00Order
S 70-yes505 x 137 x 1006.915876314-14,462.00Order
S 70 Hyesyes505 x 137 x 1006.915876315-15,734.00Order
S 80-yes505 x 137 x 1509.415876316-15,734.00Order
S 80 Hyesyes505 x 137 x 1509.415876317-18,211.00Order
S 120-yes300 x 240 x 20012.7515876318-18,546.00Order
S 120 Hyesyes300 x 240 x 20012.7515876319-22,563.00Order
S 150-yes505 x 300 x 1001415423531-25,508.00Order
S 180-yes327 x 300 x 2001815876320-21,424.00Order
S 180 Hyesyes327 x 300 x 2001815876346-24,705.00Order
S 300-yes505 x 300 x 2002815876321-27,718.00Order
S 300 Hyesyes505 x 300 x 2002815876322-30,797.00Order
* Elmasonic S 10 / S 10 H incl. cover.
Covers for Elmasonic / Elma
Immersion baskets for Elmasonic / Elma
Sieve cleaning module SRH 4/200 / Elma
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