Cryogenic Freezers Down to - 150 / - 152 °C

The cryogenic freezers are ideal for cryogenic and long-term storage in laboratories and offer a reliable, inexpensive and safe alternative to the stable long-term storage of biological materials in liquid nitrogen.

No longer harmful CFC refrigerants to achieve reliable and stable min. temperatures down to - 150 °C.
  • Refrigerants without CFCs (EU-compliant, acc. to the F-gas directive).
  • 230 V / 50 Hz connection supply for flexible use in the laboratory, without additional installations.
  • Low heat emission: allows multiple devices to be placed in the room.
  • Cool-Safe compressors increase the reliability of long-term preservation.
  • High performance cooling with low noise level designed by PHCbi.
  • Patented VIP-Plus vacuum insulation panel for high density and min. loss of cold.
  • Lockable lid with heated seals and ergonomic height for easy opening and closing.
  • Digital display for accurate temperature setting, confirmation and operation.
  • Warning device for high temperatures.
  • Power failure alarm lamp and buzzer.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Remote alarm contact (NO / NC).
  • Microprocessor-controlled test function of the filter.
  • Multiple access ports allow independent probes can be introduced.
  • Emergency cooling with liquid N2 already standard on some models.
  • 2 additional lids in the chamber for better insulation.
  • Silent operation (51 dB nominal value, background noise level 20 dB).

Hybrid water cooling (MDF-C2156VANW-PE)
The CE-certified optional PHCbi HYBRID water cooling enables further energy savings compared to the air-cooled PHCbi models, but also flexible air- or water-cooled use and in particular uninterrupted operation, e. g. in the event of failure or clogging of the on-site water ring infrastructure.
Technical Data:
Temperature range:- 130 to - 152 °C
Mains supply:230 V / 50 Hz
Cryogenic Freezers Down to - 150 / - 152 °C  Panasonic
Cryogenic Freezers Down to - 150 / - 152 °C  PanasonicCryogenic Freezers Down to - 150 / - 152 °C  Panasonic    
Outer width
Outer depth
Outer height
Inner width
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Inner height
No. of
cryo boxes
PUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
MDF-11561281400860945.00500450572285.008115699310-on demand 
MDF-1156ATN, with LN2 backup cooling1281400800945.00500450572272.008115436822-403,866.00Order
MDF-C2156VAN, with LN2 backup cooling23117307651010.00760495615318.0015015436823-411,238.00Order
MDF-C2156VANW-PE, water-cooled23117307651010.00760495615318.0015015448622-460,793.00Order
Optional accessories and storage racks available on request.
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