Ultra Freezer down to - 150 / - 152 °C

Achieves stable long-term preservation of cells and tissues. In preserving cells or tissues at ultra-low temperatures, the point is to prevent amorphous ice crystals from recrystalising within and outside the cells. These ice crystals have smaller Ø than the smallest substances (4000 to 7000 A) that compose cells or tissues. When ice crystals become amorphous, they are stored using cryoprotective agents such as glycerine and dimethyl sulfoxide (Me2SO). The speed of ice crystal formation is thus further restricted during preservation below a certain temperature, and complete vitrification is possible. - 130 °C is the recrystallisation point of pure water in the ultra-low temperature zone. This is the temperature at which amorphous ice crystals recrystallise. For a mixed solution containing Me2SO and other cryoprotectants, recent research confirms that recrystallisation occurs around - 115 ºC. Thus samples maintained in an ultra-low temperature freezer at - 152 ºC, far lower than the recrystallisation point, can be semi-permanently preserved. Such preservation maintains vitrification without further crystallisation within and outside cells. Other recent findings show that preserving cattle sperm at - 135 °C is insufficient, and also that superconductivity experiments require temperatures of at least - 148 ºC. These cases show the increased necessity of - 152 ºC freezing.

Fields of application:
  • Cancer research: tumor cell preservation.
  • Blood or bone marrow preservation.
  • Bacteria research: virus preservation.
  • Sperm and fertilised ovum (bull, goat, horse, pig, chicken) preservation.
  • Plant cell preservation (e. g. pollen).
  • Environmental experiment: superconductivity and electronics experimentation (- 148 ºC).
  • Universities, private institutes, public research centers and hospitals.
  • Special mixed refrigerant.
  • Specially designed compressor and cascade refrigeration system for an ultra-low temperature of - 152 ºC.
  • Microprocessor temperature control with LED digital display allows accurate temperature control.
  • High-efficiency oil separator for stable ultra-low temperature environments.
  • Special foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation material which is 170 mm thick and highly resistant to extreme temperature differences, thus helping maintain inner temperature stability.
  • Various alarm and safety devices for protecting valuable samples.
  • Inner cabinetás easy-to-use design.
Technical Data:
External dimensions (W x D x H):1400 x 860 x 945 mm
Internal dimensions (W x D x H):500 x 450 x 572 mm
Door / inner lid:1 door, painted steel, acrylic finish baked / 1 lid
Insulation:rigid polyurethane foam in place
Exterior:acrylic finish baked on painted steel
Interior:aluminium (alumite treated)
Outer door latch and -lock:1 pc with latch integrated lock
Casters:6 pcs
Weight:approx. 285 kg
Cooling performance:- 152 ºC (AT 30 °C, inner air temperature 1/2 h)
Refrigeration circuit:secondary cooling system
Compressor:high stage side: 1100 W (hermetic type)
low stage side: 1100 W (hermetic type)
Mains supply:single phase 220 / 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Ultra Freezer down to - 150 / - 152 °C  Panasonic
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MDF-1156- 152 °C128 l15699310-on demand 
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MDF-C2156VAN- 152 °C231 l15436823-on demand 
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