Cryogenic Storage Systems K Series
Worthington Industries, CryoScience by Taylor-Wharton

To store biological specimens or larger objects such as organs for transplantation. The ultra high capacity refrigerators use nitrogen in liquid or vapour phase for cooling. This provides a series of important benefits
as compared with mechanical refrigeration systems, especially in terms of environmental considerations:
  • Greater reliability.
  • No heat output.
  • Silent operation.
  • Lower temperature.
  • Virtually maintenance-free.
  • Safety back up to power failures.
The K series systems are designed to accommodate various inventory control systems. The high capacity makes it possible to hold up to 38350 2 ml vials or up to 739500 0.25 ml straws. Normally 10K and larger systems are connected to a liquid nitrogen tank by means of a hose equipped with a CryoCon unit, which is an electronic automatic level controller that is available in various models.
In case it is necessary to make absolutely sure that specimens do not come into contact with liquid nitrogen (to avoid cross contamination), it is possible to place a gas phase frame inside the system. The liquid tight frame ensures a reliable separation of the specimen from the liquid nitrogen and at the same time functions as a guide for the individual racks. 10K and larger systems are available with the CE mark in compliance with the Medical Devices Directive MDD 93 / 42 EC.
  • Suitable for bag storage.
  • Recommended LN2 supply tank: XL Series.
Technical Data:
LN2 capacity:365 l (24K)
590 l (38K)
Overall height:354 mm (3K)
1118 mm (10K / 24K)
1245 mm (38K)
Working height:488 mm (3K)
737 mm (10K / 24K / 38K)
Cryogenic Storage Systems K Series  Worthington Industries, CryoScience by Taylor-Wharton
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