Labels B-490 FreezerBondz™

  • For laboratory labelling system LABXPERT™.
  • For centrifuge, Eppendorf, PCR tubes or Falcon tubes.
  • Adhere to a frozen or frosted surface without scarping or drying the vial before placement of the label. To make sure that the label stays attached, it is recommended to wrap the label around the vial with an overlap.

  • Liquid nitrogen (- 196 °C).
  • Freezer (- 80 °C).
  • Sticks to frozen / frosted surfaces.
  • Hot water bath (+ 100 °C).
  • Autoclave (+ 121 °C).
Labels B-490 FreezerBondz™  BRADY®
Labels B-490 FreezerBondz™  BRADY®Labels B-490 FreezerBondz™  BRADY®    
(W x H)
PUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
Labels for 0.5 up to 0.7 ml vials + 0.6 ml cryo vials31.75 x 9.534505040464-1,249.00Order
Labels for 1.5 up to 2.0 ml vials41.90 x 12.702255040465-1,105.00Order
Labels for 1.0 up to 8.0 ml cryo vials45.72 x 15.242255040467-1,129.00Order
Lables for 15 ml Falcon tubes38.10 x 55.881755040472-1,262.00Order
Lables for 50 ml Falcon tubes38.10 x 95.251005040473-1,129.00Order