CO2 Incubators MCO-5AC / MCO-18AC

Thanks to advanced technologies, Panasonic incubators provide the most stable cell culture environments possible, together with outstanding control over internal conditions. Panasonic understands the need of high levels of reliability and control when working with incubators. Users can fully rely on the devices and thus trust their research results.
  • CO2 conductance measurement.
  • Compact, space-saving design.
  • Integrated batch kit.
  • With automatic UV sterilisation system (optionally) for sterilising the interior and the humidification water during incubation (activated by closing the outer door, deactivated by opening, adjustable burning time).
  • Short CO2- and temperature recovery phase.
  • Copper high-grade steel alloy: interior and shelves.
  • Changeable door stop (standard left).
  • Rounded edges (also to the rear wall) for simple and safe cleaning.
  • Fastidious shelf system (completely removable and autoclavable).
  • Even distribution of CO2 concentration by turbulence-free operating fan, autoclavable.
  • Microprocessor control.
  • Automatic water level check.
  • Independently adjustable underfloor- and door heating.
  • Inner door made of hardened glass, heated (or prevention of condensate).
  • Humidification for over 95 % r. F., ± 5 % r. F.
  • Blower and CO2 valve are switched off when the door is opened.
  • Optical and acoustic alarm for temperature and CO2 concentration, door alarm, overtemperature protection.
  • Connection for remote release of alarm, self-diagnosis system.
  • Serial cable entry.
CO2 Incubators MCO-5AC / MCO-18AC  Panasonic
Outside dimensions
(W x D x H)
Inside dimension
(W x D x H)
Net weight
PUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
MCO-5AC49480 x 548 x 575350 x 378 x 3754915534201-92,148.00Order
MCO-18AC170620 x 710 x 900490 x 523 x 6659215437016-on demand 
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