Temperature Controller TR 28-3T / Progammer PR 5-3T

Temperature controller TR 28-3T:
This microprocessor controlled temperature regulator is suitable for the high temperature hotplate (PZ 28-3T Order No. 5645756). After adjustment of the temperature setpoint by the membrane keypad, the PlD contoller keeps it constant (control deviation 2 K or less).

Programmer PR 5-3T:
Offers a comprehensive time / temperature regulation for the high temperature hotplate. Pressing the start key activates a programme of up to 5 ramps. Max. 5 ramps (consisting of ramp time, constant temperature and time of constant temperature) can be programmed. 3 programme sets can be loaded into the non-volatile memory. A programmed lead time enables the activation of the start up to 99 h in advance. Every temperature and time parameter can be selected with its own key.
Back-up by an EEProm. The device is equipped with a change-over switch to continuous control, buzzer signal at the end of the program.

Furthermore the programmer shows the remaining time of a ramp. When the set key is pressed, the display changes to show the setpoint. On request the devices are available with a temperature limiter to avoid superheating.
Technical Data:
Overall dimensions (W x H x D):200 x 65 x 280 mm (TR 28-3T)
305 x 105 x 180 mm (PR 5-3T)
Mains supply:220 to 240 V, 50 to 60 Hz
Wattage:2000 W
Time ranges:9 / 59 h / min
Weight:2.2 kg (TR 28-3T)
2.7 kg (PR 5-3T)
Temperature Controller TR 28-3T / Progammer PR 5-3T  Gestigkeit
TypePUOrder No.in StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
Temperature controller TR 28-3T15645757-10,150.00Order
Progammer PR 5-3T15645758-24,410.00Order