Laboratory Measuring Devices Lab 855 / 865
SI Analytics®

Modern instruments for everyone who simply wants accurate measurements.

The Lab series unite the most modern measuring technology along with innovative functionality such as AutoRead or CMC (measuring range monitoring) which makes lab measurements even more reliable.

The clearly structured keyboards are adapted to operators' logic with tactile feedback as well as large, easy-to-read displays which are used to support and enhance the interface between the instrumement and the user.

Lab 855 und Lab 955 - precise measurements:
The Lab 855 for pH and Lab 955 for conductivity measurements are perfectly suited for measurements in laboratories in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as in medical labs.
  • Reproducible measured results due to the active automatic AutoRead function with independent detection of stable measuring values.
  • Adjustable calibration timer helps to increase the improvement of the accuracy.
  • Support of the intuitive operating philosophy due to easy and clear keyboard with large, easy to read LCD display which delivers all relevant information at a glance.
  • Also available as application-oriented sets with sensors, incl. power supply and stand.

Lab 865 - reliable documentation:
Especially suited for pH measurements in quality assurance labs of all sectors requiring the documentation for GLP. Built on the Lab 855, it offers the additional convenient functionality:
  • Modern documentation and transfer of current measured values or memory contents to PCs via USB .
  • The automatic data logging of measured values enables a timer controlled data logger.
  • Protocols incl. date, time and ID numbers supports GLP compliance, as well as input options for sensors serial numbers.
  • Data are transferred in *.csv format.
  • Excel Add-in incl. for the formatted output of all data and calibration protocols.
Temperature compensation:automatic / manual
Calibration timer:yes
Memory entries:500 (manual)
5000 (automatic)
Interface:mini USB-B
Power supply:battery or universal power supply
GLP / AQS supporting:yes
Items supplied:
Lab 855 set

Simple, easy-to-use pH / mV laboratoy measuring device (DIN) with universal power supply, stand and operating instructions, pH electrode BlueLine 14 pH, buffer 4.00 / 7.00 / 10.01, as well as 3 mol / l electrolite KCl solution.

Lab 865 set
Measuring parameters pH, mV, temperature, 5-point-calibration, mini USB-B, microprocessor, data storage, GLP-compliant, DIN 19262 connection, incl. stand, power supply, pH-temperature combination electrode BlueLine 14 pH, calibration solution.
Technical Data:
Calibration points:1 to 3 (Lab 855)
10 (Lab 865)
Calibration records:1 (Lab 855)
10 (Lab 865)
Display:LCD (Lab 855)
graphic b / w, backlit (Lab 865)
Electrode connection:DIN
pH:- 2.0 to 20,0 ± 0.1 pH
- 2.00 to 20,00 ± 0.01 pH
- 2.000 to 19,999 ± 0.005 pH
mV:± 1200.0 ± 0.3 mV
Temperature:- 5.0 to + 105.0 °C ± 0.1 °C
Laboratory Measuring Devices Lab 855 / 865  SI Analytics®
Laboratory Measuring Devices Lab 855 / 865  SI Analytics®Laboratory Measuring Devices Lab 855 / 865  SI Analytics®    
TypePUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
Lab 850, basic device incl. stand15186175-8,704.00Order
Lab 850 set15774080-11,556.00Order
Lab 860 set15774081-15,198.00Order
ScienceLine pH combination electrodes with temperature sensor, ID function, 3 x ceramic diaphragm / SI Analytics