Screw Cap Tubes

With conical base, screw cap from PEHD, with graduations and writing space.
Screw Cap Tubes  SARSTEDT
Screw Cap Tubes  SARSTEDTScrew Cap Tubes  SARSTEDT    
Ø x Length
ClosurePUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
10non-sterile, in bagPP16 x 100neutral, enclosed10005421805-1,950.00Order
10sterile, in bagPP16 x 100yellow, assembled10005421806-2,498.00Order
15non-sterile, in bagPS17 x 120yellow, assembled5005421803-893.00Order
15sterile and non-pyrogenic, in styrofoam rackPP17 x 120red, assembled5005407707-1,414.00Order
15sterile and non-pyrogenic, in bagPP17 x 120red, assembled50054218021 1,271.00Order
15sterile and non-pyrogenic, in bagPS17 x 120yellow, assembled5005421804-1,162.00Order
30*non-sterile, in bagPP25 x 107neutral, enclosed5005421800-1,167.00Order
30*sterile, in bagPP25 x 107neutral, assembled5005421801-1,682.00Order
50non-sterile, in bagPP28 x 114red, assembled3005407708-701.00Order
50sterile and non-pyrogenic, in styrofoam rackPP28 x 114red, assembled3005407709-1,197.00Order
50sterile and non-pyrogenic, in bagPP28 x 114red, assembled3005407710-1,128.00Order
* Without graduations and writing space.