Safety Information Wash Bottles

PELD or PPCO bottle, PP closure; PPCO fill tube.
Self-venting. Non-metallic vent keeps contents in bottle. No risk of solvent leakage or pressure build up. Bottles and closures are colour-coded for identification and to minimise the chance of cross-contamination. Closure and spout are moulded together so they will not separate. Available for five common lab chemicals. Leakproof.
Safety Information Wash Bottles  Nalgene®
ClosureForPUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
PPCO50028 mmacetone1522326113 76.00Order
PELD50028 mmethanol15223263-76.00Order
PELD50028 mmmethanol15223265-76.00Order
PELD50028 mmisopropanol15223267-76.00Order
PELD50028 mmdestilled water15223269-76.00Order