Sealing Caps, Oak Ridge Style

PP screw closure, silicone gasket. Oak Ridge style sealing caps ensure leakproof service of Nalgene® centrifuge tubes and bottles at their recommended maximum speeds (10000 x g or greater), even when full. Also recommended for spinning hazardous materials compatible with centrifuge tube or bottle material. Autoclavable, biohazard, leakproof.
Sealing Caps, Oak Ridge Style  Nalgene®
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PP sealing caps2015315738-130.00Order
PP sealing caps2415315739-152.00Order
PP sealing caps5815315740-183.00Order
PP sealing caps6315315741-250.00Order
Sealing closure, PPE, red, for Order No. 54297628565434952-2,384.00Order
Sealing closure, PPE, blue, for Order No. 54297628565434953-2,786.00Order
Note: before autoclaving, just set closure on top of the tube without engaging the threads.