Heathrow Scientific
Pipettor Stands

Bright, colourful, convenient pipettor storage. The pipettor stands are designed to hold most major pipettor brands. The upper slots are 25 mm and the lower slots are 20 mm wide. Molded one-piece construction.
Heathrow Scientific  Pipettor Stands
ColourPositionsMaterialPUOrder No.in StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
Blue6ABS plastic154122202 605.00Order
Green6ABS plastic154122211 on demand 
Red6ABS plastic15412222-on demand 
Transparent3acrylic154241315 547.00Order
Transparent4acrylic154241322 618.00Order
Transparent6acrylic154241331 800.00Order
Blue6acrylic154241341 826.00Order