SAF Wärmetechnik
Accessories for LabHEAT® Heating Mantles

Support Ring KM-TR
Made of st. steel (1.4301) to integrate the standard heating mantles series KM-G / GH within support wall.

Tripod KM-DF
Made of st. steel (1.4301) for higher stability of the standard heating mantles series KM-G / GH.

Support Clamp KM-SK
Accessories for metal-cased heating mantles and serial heating unit to fix support rods up to Ø 13 mm or to integrate the metal-cased heating mantles within support wall.
SAF Wärmetechnik  Accessories for LabHEAT® Heating Mantles
PUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
Support ring KM-TR2515641850-376.00Order
Support ring KM-TR5015641851-376.00Order
Support ring KM-TR10015641852-402.00Order
Support ring KM-TR25015641853-402.00Order
Support ring KM-TR50015641854-427.00Order
Support ring KM-TR100015641855-439.00Order
Support ring KM-TR200015641856-439.00Order
Support ring KM-TR300015641857-514.00Order
Support ring KM-TR400015641858-514.00Order
Tripod KM-DF10015641870-1,116.00Order
Tripod KM-DF25015641871-1,141.00Order
Tripod KM-DF50015641872-1,166.00Order
Tripod KM-DF100015641873-1,204.00Order
Tripod KM-DF200015641874-1,241.00Order
Tripod KM-DF300015641875-1,404.00Order
Tripod KM-DF400015641876-1,442.00Order
Tripod KM-DF500015641877-1,605.00Order
Tripod KM-DF600015641878-1,868.00Order
Tripod KM-DF1000015641879-2,056.00Order
Tripod KM-DF2000015641880-2,482.00Order
Support Clamp KM-SK-15641900-246.00Order