Thermo Scientific / Menzel-Gläser
Polysine™ Adhesion Slides

Microscope adhesion slides are made of extra-white glass. Size approx. 75 x 25 x 1.0 mm, ground edges 90°, SuperFrost® area white.

Polysine™ adhesion slides possess electrostatic and bio-chemical adhesion. First the preparation adheres due to the electrostatic attraction, then it is fixed in its position by bio-chemical binding. They are best suited for formalin-, alcohol- or Bouins- fixed paraffin embedded tissue sections from human sources. The slides are not affected by enzyme predigestion or heating, making them ideal for immunocytochemical and molecular hybridisation assays on cell preparations or tissue sections. The use of Polysine slides ends tissue loss in prolonged in-situ-DNA-hybridisation techniques and in immunocytochemistry methods. The adhesion of Polysine™ is superior to glue, protein or silane treated slides.
Thermo Scientific / Menzel-Gläser  Polysine™ Adhesion Slides
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