Heinz Herenz 

Amies Swabs

Sterile, alternatively with or without Amies-medium.

With Amies- / Stuart-medium:
  • Microbiological transport-set with Amies-medium.
  • Sterilised by radiation.
  • Single packed in Peel-Pack.

Without medium:
  • Consisting of plastic tubes approx. 150 x 12 mm.
  • With plastic plug.
  • Label.

  • DNA tested Amies swabs.
  • ETO treated.
  • PCR controlled.
  • Delivery with certificate.
  • For forensics.
Herenz  Amies Swabs
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No.in StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
Amies swabs, MEDI, SWABwith Amies-medium, PS stick with viscose head1505404002-518.00Order
Amies swabs, MEDI, SWAB, charcoalwith Amies-medium with charcoal, PS stick with viscose head1505430276-594.00Order
Amies swabs, MEDI, SWAB, alu, charcoalwith Amies-medium with charcoal, alu stick with cotton head1505435282-630.00Order
Amies swabs, MEDI, SWAB, Stuartwith Stuart-medium, PS stick with viscose head1505435283-535.00Order
Amies swabs, MEDI, SWAB, alu, Stuartwith Stuart-medium, alu stick with cotton head1505435284-634.00Order
Amies swabs, D2, redwithout medium, wooden stick with cotton head3005430274-619.00Order
Amies swabs, D2, red, PLwithout medium, PS stick with viscose head3005430275-639.00Order
Amies swabs, D2, orangewithout medium, alu stick with cotton head4005430277-1,795.00Order
Amies swabs, Forensettewooden stick with cotton head3005435285-1,826.00Order