Disposable Needles Sterican®

  • Transparent Luer Lock plastic hub: made of PP, colour-coded hub conforms to ISO 6009.
  • Thin-walled needles: made of st., chromium-nickel steel with an extremely smooth surface and silicone coating.
  • 3-fold facet cut for a painless punction with indication-based cutting length (long- / short cut).
  • Individually packed, sterile, dispenser box of 20 x 5 needle blocks, each.
B.Braun  Disposable Needles Sterican®
DescriptionØ x length
Inside Ø
ColourPUOrder No.in StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
Sterican® 10.90 x 400.65yellow1005410130-31.00Order
Sterican® 20.80 x 400.57green100541013130 31.00Order
Sterican® 120.70 x 300.47black10054101329 31.00Order
Sterican® 140.60 x 300.39blue1005410133-31.00Order
Sterican® 160.60 x 250.39blue1005410134-31.00Order
Sterican® 170.55 x 250.37lilac100541011717 31.00Order
Sterican® 180.45 x 250.27brown1005410135-31.00Order
Sterican® 200.40 x 200.22grey1005410136-31.00Order