Disposable Syringes Injekt® Solo

Disposable syringes made of PP / PE, 2 pieces.
  • With green piston rod.
  • Highly transparent cylinder.
  • Black graduation with strong contrast, ideal readability, graduation in ml for volume dosing, extended scale beyond the nominal volume.
  • Centric or eccentric Luer cone for placing the needle.
  • Centric Luer lock cone.
  • Safe plunger backstop.
  • PVC-free.
  • Latex-free.
B.Braun  Disposable Syringes Injekt® Solo
DescriptionPUOrder No.in StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
2Luer, centric1005410060100 36.00Order
5Luer, eccentric100541006194 53.00Order
10Luer, eccentric1005410062103 78.00Order
20Luer, eccentric100541006330 118.00Order
2Luer lock, centric10054278084 147.00Order
5Luer lock, centric10054278096 187.00Order
10Luer lock, centric100542781020 275.00Order
20Luer lock, centric10054278114 607.00Order
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